Training session in Empordàlia (wine cellar, and oil producer). It included a wine tasting experience, with participants being blind-folded.

Training sessions in Catalonia

During March 2017 UdG has conducted three training sessions about how to better deliver service to people with sensory disabilities. Participants in the training sessions included three organisations which were part of pilot tests: La Fageda (production centre), Es Portal (restaurant) and Empordàlia (production centre).     Sessions have focussed on raising awareness among the[…]

Building more knowledge through focus groups

Identifying the demand needs and constraints is definitely one of the goals of the Accent Gastronomy European Project. Between October and December 2016 the University of Girona carried out a survey amongst visually and hearing impaired people and organized several focus groups consisting in gathering as much information about cons and pros of a quality[…]

Blindfolded guests in an awareness raising action.

Hospitality campaign in Flanders

Inspiring restaurants and pubs in creating a better experience for clients with disabilities and families, that is the main goal of the “Wij Gastvrij” hospitality campaign. The Visit Flanders campaign is based on the insights that were distilled from the Accent Gastronomy project. The launching event on February 2nd 2017, containing a “brunch in the[…]

Recording at Het Smaaksalon, Hasselt for a video linked to the project 'Accent Gastronomy'

Recording at Het Smaaksalon, Hasselt for a video linked to the project ‘Accent Gastronomy’

The video is recorded at Het Smaaksalon in Hasselt, with the collaboration of PXL-research, Inter and students of PXL-media. We’ve been recording two parts in our video, the first part is about ‘how not to handle people who are visual impaired’ and the second part is about ‘how not to handle people who are auditory[…]

Panel discussion

The program is presented in Barcelona

Accent Gastronomy was presented to the Catalan tourism sector on the 12th December at the Casa del Mar in Barcelona. About 80 businesses participated in a complete educational session celebrated to commemorate the International Day of People with Disabilities. During the session good practices were also presented. Accent Gastronomy is an opportunity for Catalan businesses[…]

Hello Bruges - guiding tours

[VIDEO] Case study – Accessible guiding tours in Bruges

One of the pilot projects or case studies in Flanders is “Hello Bruges”. During two guided tours, one for hearing impaired and one for visually impaired people, official tour guides (powered by Gidsenkring Brugge vzw) interacted with deaf and blind people. The tour was composed especially for this purpose: several culinary and ‘sensorial’ locations and museums in Bruges[…]